Available 1st December to 30th April

Winter 1-2-1 Day 3 (Three Day Course)


This is our best value Kitesurfing Course (£390.00) which comprises a 2.5 hour 1-2-1 Day 1, a 2 hour 1-2-1 Day 2 and a 2 hour 1-2-1 Day 3 and we will hope to have you up and riding in one or both directions albeit for short distances by the end of Day 3. Our experienced and expert BKSA qualified Kitesurfing instructors will take you through all of the basics of kite flying and Kitesurfing on the first day (Day 1) from setup, safety packdown, advanced body dragging through to your first boardstarts and on the final day we will concentrate on riding technique, riding stance and will aim to get you up and riding in one or both directions, albeit for short distances. As with learning any new sport, the more you do, the more you practice, the better you will get.The three day Kitesurfing course is the complete BKSA course. 

The second and third days we call a boardwork days and can be completed seperately if you have already completed a one or two day kitesurfing course previously here at Hampshire Kitesurfing Centre or at another kitesurfing school.  We meet at Breezes cafe in Hill Head where we will take you to our kitesurf centre opposite for a brief of the day and to get changed. The course will be mainly all water based at the shallow waterpools in front of the  Osbourne View pub at Hill Head.

Through the second and third lessons we will take you through the basics of getting up on a kiteboard and increasing power through the kite smoothly to help your riding. By Day 3 we will aim to get your waterstarts improved and to help you do your first proper runs. We’d expect a typical student to be starting to get up and ride in one or both directions, albeit for short distances by the end of the Day 3 lesson.

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