Kitesurf beaches UK

Our guide to some of the best Kitesurf spots in England. You can normaly find a BKSA or IKO school on
these beaches during the summer months to do some Kitesurfing Lessons. If you have any more info on
these spots then please email us via our contact us form.

Hill Head (Our Spot)

This is one of the best spots on the South Coast to Kitesurf due to the funneled wind as it passes between
Calshot and the Isle of Wight creating a Venturi effect. At low tide massive flat laggons and waterpools form
creating a perfect setting to learn to Kitesurf or nail those new flat water kiteboarding tricks.
Windsurfers launch from the middle of the car park and Kitesurfers from the grass field. The newly
formed hillhead Kitesurfers club members will be happy to help you out with a launch and to assist you in
where to rig up. For kitesurfing lessons see Hampshire kitesurfing centre kitesurfing lessons page. Car parking is free at Hill Head beach.

Poole Kitesurfing Lessons

Poole has a huge shallow area which is ideal for learning to kitesurf, there are lots of kitesurf schools here offering kiteboarding lessons
which makes the area extremely busy and often a little too busy at weekends. There is a designated area on the opposite shore to kite surf from
which is a lot less busy but does suffer from the south coast chop, still a great little spot though. There's a great vibe in Poole harbour for kitesurfing
and plenty of kitesurf stores to visit after your kitesurfing lessons in Poole.

Calshot Kitesurfing

Another good South Coast kitesurfing spot, when we have the occasional East wind, this spot can be one of the only beaches to work
for kitesurfing without going to the Isle of Wight. Beware at High tide if you are riding a South West wind (most common)
make sure you are a competent Kitesurfer as the busy shipping lane is just downwind, becasue of this for learning we
would recommend that you only venture out at Low tide. Only problem we found with this spot is that a West or North West
wind is offshore here and doesn't work and being some of the most common wind directions it really lets this spot down.
There is a great scene here with a great Kitesurfing Shop that has been here for years selling most brands, There is mandatory
club membership here and you will have to pay for parking.

Southampton kitesurfing

Learn to Kitesurf near Southampton uk. Kiteboarding lessons are a great way of starting the exciting water sport of kitesurfing in Southampton. You can get kiteboarding lessons across the UK from various kite schools, kitesurf instructors and kitesurfing shops. When you're looking for kiteboarding lessons, always make sure the kitesurfing instructors are BKSA or IKO trained. A fully trained kitesurf instructor will provide a better level of teaching, ensuring your learn everything you need to know about kiteboarding. If you are new to the sport of kitesurfing, kiteboarding lessons will help you learn the sport quickly, easily and safely in a great kitesurfing spot near to your home. Most kiteboarding lessons will provide all the kitesurfing equipment you will need for your kite surf lessons. Our school is located just under 30 mins drive from the center of Southampton near Fareham.

Portsmouth Kitesurfing Lessons

Kitesurfing lessons in Portsmouth can get you out on the water and learning the exciting sport of kitesurfing in Portsmouth. Portsmouth is a great town to learn how to kite surf with superb kiteboarding spots never far away. Hampshire Kitesurfing lessons in Portsmouth will teach you everything you need to know about kitesurfing - covering various topics including wind theory, setting up, launching, cruising, jumping, landing, packing up on the water and all aspects of safety. Kitesurfing is a great sport, and lessons are always the best way to start kitesurfing. Kitesurfing lessons aren't just available in Portsmouth, you can learn to kite surf in many places throughout the United Kingdom - all you need is good wind conditions and a large expanse of water. If you decide to have kitesurfing lessons in Portsmouth, we will provide all the kitesurfing equipment that you'll need for your kitesurf lesson including the kitesurfing kite, kite board, wetsuit, gloves, boots, helmet and lifejacket. Our school is located just under 20 mins drive from the centre of Portsmouth near Fareham.

Hayling Island Kitesurfing

One of the best spots in the Uk but also one of the busiest, at Low tide the Winner sandbar at west beach comes
visable and shelters the water from wind chop making it almost butter flat in certain wind directions. There is no riding allowed
here at high tide. As the sand bar and beach are owned by the local golf club you must pay for membership to ride here. Membership
has been capped and there is now a waiting list to become a member so riding here is limited to the few who have already joined. 
Parking is £5 per day.

Isle of Wight Kitesurfing

There are a few great Kitesurfing spot on the Island. Compton is a popular waveriding spot and packs a heavy wave
in the right conditions. Yaverland is a great spot, The most common SW wind comes through cross-shore here
making it an ideal spot for some powered riding, if you're lucky you can ride some peachy waves here. Ryde is one
of the most ridden spots on the Island, it takes any wind from the North making it popular during the winter months,
the sand bars and shallow water make for some awesome flat water riding.

Camber Sands Kitesurfing

Broomhill car park is the main spot for Kitesurfing and the only allowed location. At low tide the huge sandy beach makes for a great
setting for learners. Water pools form and there is plenty of room to learn to kitesurf. During the summer months this becomes a very busy
area and the beach can become crowded. Due to the heavy shore dump two hours either side of high tide is a no
go for kitesurfers. This is a great spot for any South wind. Kitesurfing lessons are available at local schools.  

Pagham Kitesurfing

Here the beach faces Sout East so in strong easterlies this is one of the best beaches around to kite surf, there is some chop on certain
directions but flat water can be found at the front of the harbour, the harbour itself is banned to kiters. Beware of strong currents
at the harbour mouth it can be known for a kiter to lose his/her board! This spot is best sailed by seasoned kiters. it is not an ideal location for
kitesurfing lessons. We would recommend speaking to a local kitesurfing instructor or kitesurf school for a better/safer spot to learn.