Kitesurfing Equipment - Kitesurf kites

During your lessons you will be using the following equpment. If you are interested in any packages then we can provide demos on all of our school
gear and give you a full talk through of the setup.

Choosing the right kitesurfing kite

How do you pick the perfect kitesurfing kite? Well best idea is to speak to as many people in the know as possible and complete your kitesurfing course so you can build up some kite flying experience. The more you fly different kites the more you will understand the difference between different brands and styles of kite.
For starting out you would ideally be looking for a slower mid/low aspect ratio kite with good relaunch and a big wind range. The latest offering of Delta-Bows seem to be the perfect combo. I would say 90% of kitesurfers out there would perfectly suit this type of kite. They have a huge windrange, a curved leading edge that privides simple relaunch in even the lowest of wind conditions and have a nice steady reliable pull even in gusty winds.

There are lots of brands to choose from and every kitesurfer you meet will tell you their kites are the best and that they only go with one brand because they are the best blah blah blah.... Truth is it's hard to find a naff kite these days. They are out there but if you stick with the bigger named brands then you will more than likely be doing ok. Somethings to think of are resale, the control bar, warranty and if it's the current model. Choosing a popular kite that is hard to find secondhand is always a winner.

The control bar needs to be as simple as possible, no pulleys or metal parts and a simple large quick release is always good too. Warranty is a big part of buying new, one of the brands we use is BestKiteboarding, they have a lifetime warranty on all of their products. There have been a lot of online shops popping up in the last couple of years and some of the biggest are not playing the game, they have packaged up the 'offer of a lifetime' it's the kite you've used on your lesson and they have the package cheaper than everywhere else plus they are chucking in a harness and wetsuit!!! be careful, these packages often have dated gear, sometimes they are packaged up with a cheap 'dinged' board that has been damaged during shipment so been sold on to the shop cheap and old bars that aren't the official bar or current bar supplied with the kite. A great way to run a profitable online store i'm sure, but not so great for the customer. There are plenty of superb kite shops and schools in the UK so go and chat to as many as you can and good luck with your first kite purchase, we hope it will be the best purchase you ever make!